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My name is Selina Thomas I would like to thank all of you for following my journey and campaign:
I have been a proud  resident of Santa Clarita for close to 10 years. Prior to moving to this beautiful city I was a social worker for 8 years in Kern County. My profession and life changed directions and I had to find a new location for myself and my three young children.  Like all parents I looked for a city with excellent schools, opportunity and most importantly it had to be safe-Santa Clarita met that criteria Almost immediately my daughters and I were accepted into the many wonderful groups and activities this city has to offer

As a businesswoman just starting my company in 2014   I will never forget my 1st day as a new member of the Chamber of Commerce -I was the new girl -my anxiety quickly disappeared when I met my first friend in the chamber Mr. Ed Bernstein.  He said “trust me we don’t bite” with that I got to work proving my skills and ability to the many small companies in this community as the CEO OWNER of 6 Degrees HR Consulting As an African-American woman I started a company in this community with no investors- I had the belief that I could do it and the guts to get up and grind EVERYDAY.  my company began out of the Starbucks coffee house on the corner of Seco and Copperhill

Earlier this year I was in position to franchise 6 Degrees however the pandemic stuck so I set the idea to franchise aside to help business owners whether they were my clients or not to get through this crisis by educating them on the PPP program, the stimulus monies for unemployment or just to be a sounding board of  Hope. I began.doing daily video messages to keep clients and anyone that would listen  informed and positive Assuring them that things will get better with information and direction. In the week since I’ve launched my campaign many people rightful have asked me what is my platform? what change would you like to see? I share with you today that my platform and plan is to be of service in this economic and social recovery. my track record for leadership in this crisis is proven and my approach to all of it is that it Has to make sense. from rent relief to what does it look like to come back to school. As a mother of students at Saugus high school and athletes wanting to get back to organized sports any approach to these issues must make sense;  with that I want to be a part of the recovery I am battle tested personally and professionally.  I’m proud of the reputation that I have built of integrity and hard work as you get to know me I Hope that I will earn your vote November 3rd!


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